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Bergen Hatzalah, the only Bergen County-based affiliate of Chevra Hatzalah, is launching operations this summer following years of communal growth, increase in requests for aid from our neighboring Hatzalah divisions and calls being made to directly to local Hatzalah members living in our communities.

With the influx of hundreds of new residents in recent years, our communities can only benefit from the availability of additional health and medical services, including supplemental emergency medical response services.

Unlike EVAC volunteers who volunteer their time in 12-hour shifts from the EVAC ambulance building on Jay Street, individual members of Hatzalah commit to an “always on call” status 24/7/365, responding to emergencies in a nearby vicinity.

Further, unlike EVAC, Bergen Hatzalah does not have an ambulance and therefore does not transport patients to the hospital. Rather, Bergen Hatzalah aims to stabilize patients prior to the ambulance’s arrival.

An EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) provides Basic Life Support (BLS) emergency medical care after taking a course of approximately 190 hours of training. A paramedic provides Advanced Life Support (ALS) / Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) emergency medical care after completing a course of approximately 1800 hours of training. A note for clarity, the terms EMT and paramedic ARE NOT interchangeable. Bergen Hatzalah will NOT be providing paramedic services as these services are provided exclusively by hospital-based EMS in the State of NJ.

What Bergen Hatzalah will have access to that no-other local EMS agency utilizes, is physician responders who are able to provide some advanced treatments. They will also be able to provide patients and their families with medical advice commensurate with their experience and training.

Bergen Hatzalah is a completely volunteer run service and as such, 100% of your contribution will go directly towards defraying the costs of our lifesaving operations. Those wishing to partner with us financially can do so via credit card, or by mailing a check to our PO Box.

Bergen Hatzalah has offered EVAC (and will offer the same to any other volunteer ambulance corps) an opportunity to provide a list of recent donors who Bergen Hatzalah will agree not to solicit for a defined period of time.

Those interested in joining Bergen Hatzalah are invited to reach out to us via email at: info@bergenhatzalah.org.

All first responders will have first aid equipment, certain lifesaving medications, oxygen and an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). They will also carry handheld radios to communicate with the dispatcher and each other.

Women may volunteer with Bergen Hatzalah in multiple capacities. As an affiliate of Chevra Hatzalah, Bergen Hatzalah abides by the guidelines set forth by the central organization regarding its first responders. If you are interested in volunteering with Bergen Hatzalah, please contact info@bergenhatzalah.org.

There are several Hatzalah branches located throughout the state of New Jersey including Union County (Elizabeth-area), Middlesex County (Edison-area), Central Jersey (Lakewood-area), Essex County (Newark-area), Hudson County, Jersey City,Passaic/Clifton, and Jersey Shore Hatzalah . For a complete list of NJ Hatzalah agencies visit here.

Bergen Hatzalah dispatchers and first responders will provide services to any and all individuals who call our hotline for assistance, regardless of religion, race or any other demographics.

Once Bergen Hatzalah is operational, the hotline number will be published.

If you call 911, you will continue to receive care from the volunteers and/or paid EMS professionals who serve your municipality.

Bergen Hatzalah will be a separate and additional service people can proactively choose to call if they wish to receive care from Hatzalah volunteers.